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CINDY and JIM (Crystal and Scooter)
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Cindy and Jim of Just Clowning Around are experienced, quality entertainers creating a unique blend of color, comedy and magic. Our performances are educational, entertaining and fun; a winning combination that delights thousands of people every year! We learned our skills over 25 years of classes, seminars and performances. We perform mostly as magicians, and we are fun and funny ."A clown is more than an artist. It's a way of life." Our professional life is filled with continous learning and magical encounters.

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Magic and Illusions


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Balloon Art - From balloon animals to room size decor! Our creations are a delight for all audiences.

Body Art and Face Painting- Artist paints AND entertains! Water-based paints, plan 1-2 minutes per person for most designs, longer for custom designs.

Magic and Illusion - Amazing and fun-filled shows tailored to fit your audience. Table side, Closeup or Stage!

BIRTHDAYS: Our parties are a BLAST! Creating family magical memories. Celebrate a birthday at daycare or at school too! We sing, provide treats and a gift for the birthday person. Balloons And Body Art: Balloon animals/hats and fabulous, fast body art (face/arm painting) with sparkles for each guest! Magic And Balloons: 30 minute comedy magic show and balloon animals/hats for each guest! Have It All: Comedy magic show, Body Art and Balloons - the complete package of fun. Coloring Sheets - Downloadable and printable!

CORPORATE EVENTS: Trade Shows, Open House, Picnics, Community Outreach. Our professional, exciting attitude assures your event will be a success. We provide dependable, talented entertainers which you will find to be an excellent value - a big bang for the entertainment buck! Close Up Magic, Balloons Animals, Body Art, Magic Shows.

CLUBS & ORGANIZATIONS: Country Clubs, Fraternal groups, Scouts. Close Up Magic, Body Art, Balloon Animals, and Magic Shows.

FAIRS, FESTIVALS, PARADES: Magician and Clown goodwill ambassadors. Walk Around Shows and Props, Balloons and Magic.

LIBRARIES: Shows are listed on The Performers and Programs Database. (Search for Pelc, Cindy & Jim) Balloon Crazy, Body Ar,. Take Flight. We change our every year to fit the current library theme.

NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS: Fundraisers, hospitals, special needs groups, walkathons. Contact us for special pricing for these events. Dr. Clown - A very special program for hospitals and nursing homes.

PRESCHOOL/DAYCARES: Over 25 years experience entertaining young children - we educate, entertain and have fun. Balloons, Body Art, Comedy Magic Shows.

RESTAURANTS: Proven traffic builder for your fine establishment. Tableside Magic, Balloon Animals, Body Art.

SCHOOLS/COLLEGES: School Show Information. We are frequently asked, "are you a teacher?" Our shows entertain, educate, and are a great part of a rewards program. I Know I Can - Character Education Program. Character Traits - Tools for the toolbox. "Sight and Sensibility" show information. Link to see cool optical illusions.

SANTA AND MRS. CLAUS: Luxurious velvet suits fresh from the North Pole - they will charm and delight both young and old. Santa sings songs, shares stories, candy canes, and renews the magic of Christmas spirit.

SENIORS: Comedy Magic Shows, Intergenerational Events, Holiday Parties, Open Houses.

WEDDINGS- Add more magic to your special day! Your guests will love us.

ETCETERA - Funny photographs that we really like! See Scooter in a brief video clip. Press release and recomendations - Everyone can use some good publicity. Democrat and Chronicle article about us! As a public service, thin latex skin adhesive with a drop of water. We have added a page to display some of Cindy's artistry - Cindy's Art Gallery.


"I live in another dimension but I have a summer home in reality." Author Unknown


Schedule Santa or Mrs. Claus ASAP. Availabilty is limited. We usually have additional times available on the dates listed below.

Every Second and Fourth Tuesday - Salvatore's Pizzeria in Penfield, N.Y.

Every Wednesday, Salvatore's Pizzeria and Pub in Webster, N.Y.

May 19 - St. James Hospital in Hornell.

June 9 to 16 - The Doan Tent Sale at Greece Ridge Center.

Call now to have us at your next event.

This is a list of public events - the majority of our work is at private events.

"We don't work, we go to parties!" (We also have a bridge for sale.)

Answer to above: Past-your-eyes-Milk! (Pasteurized Milk - Ha Ha Ha!)

Contact information:
Just Clowning Around
PO Box 567
Henrietta, NY 14467.....( A suburb of
Rochester, NY, USA; one hour from Canada, seven hours from NYC.)

Please send email inquiries to: info@justclowningaround.com

Clown photos on this page are by Vito Vitelli. Magician and Santa photos by Todd Morell. All photos copyright of Just Clowning Around.

Books That Inspire: Heart, Humor & Healing, Patty Wooten, RN; Inspiration Sandwich, Sark; A Clown In Times, Bruce "Charlie" Johnson; The World of Clowns, George Bishop; Gesundheit! Patch Adams, MD; Clowns, John H. Towsen.